Hey, I’m Stephanie!

I’m a gal from small-town Northern Ontario who believes that decluttering and keeping organized are key to a harmonious life. I aim to help clients declutter or to fully downsize so they can find time and room for what matters!

How this all started? When I traveled to Europe in spring 2014, my friend and I stayed in different apartment units through Airbnb. Inside, we noticed mainly the essentials and an obvious lack of clutter – very organized! Not long after my return, I discovered The Minimalists who eventually inspired me to discard my junk and to become a Professional Organizer in Edmonton!

With new motivation, I immediately started decluttering and organizing my own spaces and instantly felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I have been doing this weekly ever since and can often feel the benefits!

Coming home to see how North Americans truly live is what is fueling my passion to get you living a clutter-free and organized lifestyle! Not only will you save time and money by being organized but you can also start working on your own dreams, goals and aspirations!

Because really, what if the life of your dreams is buried underneath all your stuff?

 What I can do for you!

 Tackle each room in your house
Every space has its own use so we will declutter first and make a plan for space efficiency. I can help you create lists and goals to get every space organized and usable again!

Clear out your garage, basement or attic
Garage organization is another area I can help you with. With a little decluttering and creativity, your garage will be transformed into a space you can use again!

Whether you’re an empty-nester, moving to a senior’s home or just simply want to downsize to live in a Tiny Home, I’m here to help you reach that goal!

Declutter for long-term travel
Sell your stuff, store it, give it away and get away! I can help you create a plan so you can get on the road – without any possessions!

Photo Storage and retouching services
Drowning in a mound of photos, negatives and slides? Wish you had them in albums photobooks, or stored digitally? Let me help you! Retouching services are also available for those old photos you wish to restore into treasured memories.

Pick-up & Drop-off
Have a pile of donations you need to get rid of? Whether you hire me to declutter your spaces or not, I am available to pick-up your donation items and drop them off to a local charity.

The freedom you seek may be underneath all your stuff so let’s get started!

 Get In Touch!