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Organizing to make room for a baby

Hello from Edmonton, where it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet but it sure is coming fast! I am now in my 6 month of pregnancy and have a holiday break coming up on the horizon. My big plan during this time off is to seriously declutter and get organized. Part of me wonders how it’s possible that we have to continue decluttering and purging because we’ve been doing it pretty regularly over the last 2.5 years. In either case, it’s clear that there’s no room in our home for a baby and all the things he will need. Just last week, I was putting dishes away and it dawned on me – there’s absolutely no room in our cupboards for baby bottles! So, it’s time once again to go through cupboards, drawers and closets to start getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

My process through this journey will be the same as my 3-day decluttering dare that I recently announced except I will probably personally do each section quicker than within 3 days because I’m pretty experienced by now. The first step will be to take everything out of my cupboards (or closets, or drawers) and evaluate every item. The evaluation process will give me the time to really think about the last time I used certain items and whether or not any of them are useful at all. If not, then off they will go to our donation pile. Someone, somewhere out there will need these items but I certainly don’t so I want to spread the love and share my items with those who need them most. After evaluating everything, I will start to create piles. As previously mentioned, one will be a donation pile, another will be a keep pile and the finally a recycle pile and MAYBE garbage if something is completely broken or unusable. Finally, after creating piles and moving our donations items aside, I should have fewer things left which will help me to decide how I wish to organize what remains. It’s hard to say right now how this will all go because I have several spaces to work on though it’s safe to note I’m pretty motivated. Read more

What do YOU value the most?

I’ve had a pretty busy summer so far and it’s been one of my best ones yet. As a result, I haven’t taken much time to keep up with blog posts but I know it’s important for me to continually keep you in the loop with regards to my thoughts on decluttering and living simply. Let’s begin with the Fort McMurray Fire, also know as the Horse River Fire.

After evacuees left Fort McMurray from the raging fires, it was evident there was going to be a lot of families affected by the loss of their home and possessions. Many lost everything and it was so tragic to watch the events unfold, especially because Fort McMurray is pretty close to where I live in Edmonton, Alberta, so this was felt province-wide and worldwide, really. Now that residents had been displaced for some time, I started wondering what they missed the most. What did they really care about? What lost items truly, legitimately affected them the most? I was watching the news one day and the newscaster was asking people that exact question. “What are the most valued possessions that you’ve lost in the fire?” What you value most varied person to person but the majority of their responses blew my mind. Photographs – makes sense. And jewelry! A lot of the jewelry that was taken by the flames were family heirlooms that had been passed down for generations. Everything lost was related to family memories. Nobody said they missed all the stuff in their junk drawer or missed that old sweater that’s been hanging in the basement for years because it no longer fits. It was memories. Read more

Earth Day 2016

It’s Earth Day! What are you going to do to protect the environment today?

As a very young child, I didn’t quite understand the need to protect our environment but as every summer passed my understanding grew. You see, I used to spend my summer at my grandparents cottage with my sister and cousin. The three of us girls started doing that when I was about 7 years old and we always got into all sorts of things – good and bad. As the youngest of the three, it felt like every day was a lesson in something, somewhere. I was learning from people who were older than me – every single day. There was a lot to observe, a lot to take in. The things I learned ranged from learning to protect the environment, to learning to deal with the boys across the lake and to eventually learning a little bit about alcohol consumption…see, good and bad things! Read more

Spring Clear your house

Spring Clear Your House!

Ahh, Spring is in the air and it’s time to think about Spring Clearing! No, not cleaning…but CLEARING! Yes, time to spring clear out all that stuff you haven’t used in years. Time to make room for the good stuff you need and use regularly! Time to have more time and make room for what matters to you!

Are you tired of never finding what you need? Well, the month of April for me is all about Spring clearing and new beginnings so that means you will likely develop a new mentality about your stuff when you are done with your Spring Clearing task. Take a weekend this month to go through all your stuff. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by that statement, start with the room that annoys you the most so you can feel the greatest satisfaction when you are all done!

What I recommend is doing an initial evaluation and determine what your inventory is. It’s important to really take a good solid look at all those things you own and ask yourself some serious questions about it. Read more

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It’s ok to let go…in order to move forward!

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog post or sent out a newsletter so I figured there is no better time than now to get organized and get ‘er done! I guess I have to let go of some of my own things in order to get this post up! I’ve been busy with a few various things and sometimes it is easy for these blog posts and newsletters to be forgotten about or ignored. I really want to expand my business and do it quickly so I’ve been focusing on other tasks to get me there. I’m currently taking an online Social Media Class through Mohawk College for my QAA and I’m also taking a Web Development course through Udemy as well as Professional Organizer courses at the same time. Let’s not forget to mention that I do work a full-time job on top of trying to build a business on the side. Starting a business is a lot of work guys. There are a lot of details to fine tune and processes to establish…and change, and re-establish, in order to make sure my business looks and feels legitimate because it is! Read more