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Spring Clear your house

Spring Clear Your House!

Ahh, Spring is in the air and it’s time to think about Spring Clearing! No, not cleaning…but CLEARING! Yes, time to spring clear out all that stuff you haven’t used in years. Time to make room for the good stuff you need and use regularly! Time to have more time and make room for what matters to you!

Are you tired of never finding what you need? Well, the month of April for me is all about Spring clearing and new beginnings so that means you will likely develop a new mentality about your stuff when you are done with your Spring Clearing task. Take a weekend this month to go through all your stuff. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by that statement, start with the room that annoys you the most so you can feel the greatest satisfaction when you are all done!

What I recommend is doing an initial evaluation and determine what your inventory is. It’s important to really take a good solid look at all those things you own and ask yourself some serious questions about it. Read more

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Minimalist & Effective Holiday Shopping Ideas

So, Christmas is coming in less than 2 weeks and you just realized you haven’t started shopping yet. Well, for this holidays season, I wanted to make a quick list of gifts that are good for minimalists. These gifts are also excellent for all kinds of people so long as they are either consumable, usable, beautiful or needed by the recipient. Time to get your minimalist shopping on!

For Kids:

  • Memberships (gym, play centers, trampoline parks etc)
  • Money for an education savings account
  • Classes (drawing, art, karate etc.)
  • Subscriptions to magazines or books
  • Arts & Crafts supplies

Read more

Why you should declutter NOW!

Clutter: to fill or cover something with many things.  Ewww, time to declutter I guess!

The word and definition both make me shrivel up a little bit. When I think of or see clutter, I suddenly feel anxious. I also feel added weight on my shoulders, slight depression, overwhelm, fear, uncertainty and lack the interest to look for the things I might need within that clutter. These downright nasty feelings can bring on illnesses and general discomfort so it’s important to try our best to keep the clutter to a minimum in order to feel happy to the maximum! Thankfully for me, I have been on a mission to de-clutter for a couple of years and I am making progress…Albeit a bit slowly but making progress nonetheless and the negative feelings are now vanishing. Read more

Finding Time

It’s been one heck of a busy few weeks in my life and I would like to start by apologizing for not blogging sooner. Obviously I need to spend some time making time-management strategies for myself.

It’s a great time to post because I have a lot to discuss so I need to get these thoughts out before they pile too high. You see, clutter can exist in many areas of your life – not just with your “stuff” but also with goals, ideas, and emotions.

I am learning all of this purely by experience. For example, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the information I wanted to blog about, so I decluttered these thoughts and shared them here, got them out, and thus feel an immense sense of relief…already! Read more