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Earth Day 2016

It’s Earth Day! What are you going to do to protect the environment today?

As a very young child, I didn’t quite understand the need to protect our environment but as every summer passed my understanding grew. You see, I used to spend my summer at my grandparents cottage with my sister and cousin. The three of us girls started doing that when I was about 7 years old and we always got into all sorts of things – good and bad. As the youngest of the three, it felt like every day was a lesson in something, somewhere. I was learning from people who were older than me – every single day. There was a lot to observe, a lot to take in. The things I learned ranged from learning to protect the environment, to learning to deal with the boys across the lake and to eventually learning a little bit about alcohol consumption…see, good and bad things!

My cousin, who was a year and a half older than me, was born on Earth Day. Now, I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not but she happens to be one of the most earth conscious people I know and the one who influenced me the most with the understanding of nature preservation and protection. It is all thanks to her that my nature appreciation grew and I started to slowly look at it all so differently. So much so, I eventually started photographing nature and landscapes and became a photographer with Coral Tree Photography!


What does all this have to do with Earth Day you wonder? Well, I just wanted to give you a little background into how I turned into a nature loving lady. It was all my time spent outdoors at the cottage, surrounded by beauty and clean water and people who cared about our planet. I grew to love the serenity it provides and grew to understand why it’s so important to protect it. The earth is our home and it provides us with all that we need yet we seem to be ok with destroying it – who destroys their own habitat? humans…that’s who! As a result, I’ve become more conscious when recycling and this also means on the job as a professional organizer in Edmonton.

One of my processes, in day 2 of my upcoming 3-Day Decluttering Dare, is to separate items into 3 piles. Of these 3, there is no “trash” pile. Practically anything can be recycled and there is no need to garbage anything. Yes, there are extenuating circumstances like the moldy potatoes in the bottom of your pantry – fair enough – but on average, nothing gets thrown away when I declutter. I want to make the effort and I think everyone should because things can often be reused, up-cycled even!

Take for example our leftover fence boards from a few summers ago. When we were cleaning out our garage 2 years back, I was looking at all these boards thinking “what the hell do I do with these now?” Well, I got my husband to cut them in about 6 X 8 pieces and made photoboards with them using my photographs! Turns out, people love them and I’ve not been inspired to make more and open an Etsy store – these details are still TBD but the point is, I made sure to re-use them in whatever way I could so nothing gets wasted!


So, I am curious! What will you do today and moving forward to help make a difference? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re doing to protect the environment!

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