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Organizing the home with these resources
Organizing resources available for clients to organize the home on their own

Resources a Plenty!

I love spreading the good word so right now, I want to share with you some cool resources for organizing but also share a few tools for keeping you organized!

Below are just a few of my recommended organizing tools and I will be adding more to my online list as I find new products that work for me and/or for my clients.

So if you are interested in learning more about decluttering, there are various books and various topics out there and here are some I recommend!

The very first one I recommend is, and you may except this already, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by: Marie Kondo

While we’re at it, the next one I recommend to read – and you should read this one AFTER The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – is Spark Joy by: Marie Kondo

Another great option is this book which is great for busy people to read based on how it’s divided. This book is Getting Organized: Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity (Kindle Edition) by: Chris Crouch

For special organizing tools, there’s one cool piece I love and while I do not yet own it, it is on my radar! I’m really not sure what I am waiting for because as a tea lover, I tend to have tea bags all over the house or in my purse so I could definitely use this Natural Living Bamboo Tea Storage box!

Let’s not forget being unorganized when it comes to our make-up. I, personally do not wear a lot of make-up but currently, everything is shoved in a bag which becomes awkward at times. I should really keep this bag for traveling and invest in a HOMCOM Transparent 4 Drawers Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Storage Box Jewelry Case Display 2 Sections

For something a bit larger, check out this Sorbus Acrylic Drawer Makeup Organizer with Removable Drawers 4 Large and 2 Small Drawers

These are just a few of my recommended organizing tools that are currently on my website but if you want a complete list – an ever-changing and growing list – please check them out here! It’s just a starter list for now but as soon as I discover cool, new items, this page will be updated so you can always have the best options for your home organizing projects! And if you ever have any products to recommend with me and my readers, please share them in the comments below! I’d love to hear about products you love to use and what simplifies your life!

Happy shopping and more importantly, happy organizing!

*FYI, I am an affiliate for Amazon.ca so any time you purchase any of these resources, I will earn a small fee. So if you do purchase something, THANK YOU for your continued support!

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