Discard Your Stuff & Travel

You’re another victim of the 9-5 lifestyle and you don’t understand why you continue living through winters year after year…after year. The only thing you want more than anything else in the world is to get rid of of all your stuff and travel the world once and for all. Am I right?

You’ve come to the right place! With my skills, background, and passions, I will help you create a “discard to travel” plan and help you get on the road so you can finally live the life of your dreams!

MY PERSONAL TRAVEL HISTORY:AWordItOut-word-cloud-1498304

So, how do I really make this happen for you?

We sit together and talk about all your goals so I can understand your vision then I will come up with customized decluttering and travel plan that suits your needs. Finally, you travel worry & stress-free because you are finally living your travel dreams!


$50/hour for consultation, decluttering, packing, research and development time.

Let’s make your travel dreams a reality now!! Don’t delay! Get in touch!