Photo Storage Solutions

Drowning in a mound of photos and wish you had a better photo storage strategy?
As we start to declutter or downsize, we often come across boxes of photos, slides and negatives that perhaps we wish were digital today. If you are wanting to share these precious moments with your family and friends again, I can scan and digitize your photos for you so you can share them right away! Other photo storage solutions exist such as designing gorgeous photobooks or traditional photo albums and creating handmade photoboards of a special family photo.

Whatever suits you, I’m here to relieve stress by creating customized photo solutions specifically for you and your needs!

Photo solutions include:

photo, slide and negative scanning + digital storage (USB or online such as Dropbox)

photo album & photobook creations

digital photo back-up systems

photoboards can also be hand-crafted


Photos up to 8X10 (loose photos in a box)

Oversize Photos
From $5.00/photo – please get in touch for a detailed quote

Scanning from photo albums
$.50/photo (this includes time to carefully remove each individual photo, scanning them and returning them carefully to the album, in the same order as before)

Scanning and digitizing 35mm slides/negatives
$0.40/slide or strip

Shoebox Photo Scanning – Provide me with a shoebox of up to 500 photos and I will scan & digitize them for you.

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