Residential Organizing

Do you often look around your home and wonder how you acquired all that stuff?
Ever look at all that stuff and wonder why you have all of it?
Ever look at all of it and wish half of it (or more) were gone?

I get it. We live in a fast-paced world where it’s challenging to keep on top of everything and stay organized all.the.time! By having less in your home, there is less to tidy and maintain which means you have more time to spend with those you love.

If you are totally ready to do this, I believe I can help you with a variety of residential organizing and decluttering services.

Residential organizing services include:

Bedrooms & Closets
Kitchens & Dining Rooms
Pantries & Storage Rooms
Home offices & Dens
Attics & Basements
Living Rooms & Craft Rooms
Garages & Sheds
Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms
Play Rooms & Family Rooms
Downsizing & more!

Benefits of decluttering and organizing include:

Stress reduction
More time for things that matter
More freedom and peace of mind
Improved clarity and focus
Finding things you need with ease
Knowing your bills will be paid on time
Feelings of simplicity and total relaxation

I will help you decide what to keep, donate and discard. Then, we really start seeing the transformation from just a messy space to an organized place!


$50/hour (minimum 3-hour organizing sessions)

10 hours – $400 (save $100)*
15 hours – $600 (save $150)*
20 hours – $800 (save $200)**
25 hours – $1000 (save $250)**
*Packages require a 25% deposit and hours must be used up within 90 days of contract signing.
**Packages require a 25% deposit and hours must be used up within 180 days of contract signing.

Contact me for your personalized quote today so I can help you make room for what matters!