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Spring Clear your house
Spring Clear Your House!

Spring Clear Your House!

Ahh, Spring is in the air and it’s time to think about Spring Clearing! No, not cleaning…but CLEARING! Yes, time to spring clear out all that stuff you haven’t used in years. Time to make room for the good stuff you need and use regularly! Time to have more time and make room for what matters to you!

Are you tired of never finding what you need? Well, the month of April for me is all about Spring clearing and new beginnings so that means you will likely develop a new mentality about your stuff when you are done with your Spring Clearing task. Take a weekend this month to go through all your stuff. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by that statement, start with the room that annoys you the most so you can feel the greatest satisfaction when you are all done!

What I recommend is doing an initial evaluation and determine what your inventory is. It’s important to really take a good solid look at all those things you own and ask yourself some serious questions about it. Some common questions are:

  • Why you own that – what purpose does this item serve to you?
  • When is the last time you used it?
  • Is it actually useful in your life?
  • Do you just think it is totally beautiful? (If it’s totally beautiful, keep it!)
  • Is it neither useful nor beautiful? (You should get rid of it!)

To spring clear, there are many questions you can ask yourself to really figure out the purpose of your things within your home. Feel free to come up with your own that work for you – whatever gets you thinking about the big “WHY” you bought it so you can take a second to evaluate your decisions. Once you realize that certain things actually hold no value to you, your mindset will slowly start to shift and you will probably carefully consider most of your future purchases – and that’s what we want!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember to do is to actually ASK YOURSELF these questions with every single item. Yes, this can be a bit of a process but once you get the hang of it and start chucking all those old magazines you never read anymore, you will start to feel and understand the benefits immediately! Once you start to feel these good feels, it will become increasingly easier to let go of things that no longer serve you because you will start to understand the kind of weight “stuff” puts on you. This will give you the ability to try different approaches to decluttering based on your new personal revelations!

So what are you waiting for? Get started in that darn annoying room and make a difference now! It’s such a good feeling to make room for what matters and I truly wish you the best in this journey!

And if you are stuck and need help, you can always get in touch with me for some assistance or guidance!

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